Simon Quarterman Interview: ‘Westworld’

“He’s certainly going through a transition this season and it’s just become a very humbling process, being put into a position that he finds incredibly difficult,” reveals actor Simon Quarterman. In an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above), he chats about his “Westworld” character Lee Sizemore, who is the eponymous park’s narrative director. “A bit of black sheep,” Lee spent most of the first season “quite isolated in a lot of ways” in the park’s corporate facilities, but has been forced to venture out into the park and fend for his life in the second season.

Because Lee is variably the only human among robots and because he has encyclopedic knowledge of the park, Quarterman’s dialogue is disproportionately expository. “It’s always a challenge for any actor to deliver a lot of exposition to keep the audience informed and other characters informed of what’s going on and to make it entertaining as possible and interesting because it’s not an easy thing to do,” Quarterman explains. The material reached its zenith in the episode titled “Akane no Mai,” which introduces the Shogun World section of the park. Quarterman recalls about filming, “I was bashing my head against the wall… trying to get it to make it feel as comfortable and as natural as possible because all of it was exposition — every last word, so it took me a minute just to navigate that, but it was a lot of fun too.”

Quarterman will be on the Emmy ballot this year for Best Drama Supporting Actor, the category in which his co-star Jeffrey Wright was nominated last year for playing Bernard Lowe. That was a role for which Quarterman reveals that he originally auditioned four years ago. HBO has submitted Wright for Best Drama Actor instead this year. There are three episodes of the second season of “Westworld” that are still to air and Quarterman says to watch out for a further “change in Lee.” The season finished filming in January and Quarterman has “no idea” when they will start shooting the ordered third season, but says, “I can’t imagine it being this year.”

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