Sissy Spacek Q&A: ‘Bloodline’

"It's always awkward when you're meeting people that you're going to work with, especially if they're family," says Sissy Spacek about connecting with the cast on the set of the Netflix drama series "Bloodline," which premiered its entire first season on March 20. "We had to … rather quickly try to establish some relationships."

But there was a secret to bonding with her co-stars: "We did a lot of touching. That always breaks the ice."

Gold Derby users predict Spacek will snag an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Drama Actress (see their prediction rankings) for portraying Sally Rayburn, the matriarch of a Florida Keys family whose lives are upended by the return of her oldest son Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). Danny is the black sheep, but Spacek can relate to Sally's dilemma. "I know most mothers — certainly I'm that kind of mother — that you never give up hope for a child," she explains. "You hope that they're going to reach their potential, and you give them opportunity after opportunity after opportunity."

Created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, the team behind the legal thriller "Damages," "Bloodline" has developed early Emmy buzz, and Spacek is certainly no stranger to awards success. She's an Oscar-winner and a three-time Emmy-nominee, most recently for her guest role in HBO's "Big Love" in 2010.

"It keeps you moving forward," says Spacek of the awards recognition throughout her career. "You feel your work is accepted and appreciated. Particularly in the early years you feel a member of the club, and that's a nice feeling. It's just like a pat on the back, sometimes a great big hug."

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