Stanley Tucci, Harry Macqueen interview: ‘Supernova’

“You read a lot of scripts over the years, but it’s very seldom that you read a script that’s as beautiful as this,” remembers actor Stanley Tucci about first getting the screenplay for “Supernova,” which was written and directed by Harry Macqueen. It tells the story of Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Tucci), who embark on a fateful road trip as Tusker struggles with young-onset dementia. Watch our exclusive video interview with Tucci and Macqueen above.

“I spent a long time with people who are living with this kind of young-onset dementia,” Macqueen explains, “and that was a life-changing and profound experience, so I was inspired to write it through that. You try and tell their stories hopefully in an original and profound manner.” Indeed, Tucci found the writing to be “poetic, real, restrained. It was everything you want as an actor. And it was about something important, so it was very easy to say yes.”

Tucci adds about the resonance of the film, “I hope that people see that no matter what the relationship, no matter who those two people are … that all sorrow is alike and all love is alike. And I think that’s the most beautiful part of this film.” That theme feels especially meaningful to Macqueen now in the middle of a pandemic that is showing us all the value of our connections: “How we spend time with the people that we love and how love can get you through some really difficult life experiences I think is particularly important right now.”

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