Steal these Oscar predictions: 4 top experts reveal who will win – and why

“All right. Now I’m confident!” roars Anne Thompson (Indiewire) about her prediction in the Oscar Best race as she squares off against me, Pete Hammond (Deadline) and Tim Gray (Variety) in our video/audio podcast. “I am confident in ‘Nomadland’ since it’s won all of the precursors. As for those who want to make arguments for ‘Chicago 7,’ it could go down winning nothing! Or winning one for just Best Editing. I’m not kidding. It could play out that way.”

Yes, that’s true, and her confidence in her opinion makes me want to steal her predictions pronto, but then I realize, Hey, there’s also the possibility that “Nomadland” could just win the Oscar for Best Cinematography. Personally, I’m picking “Trial of the Chicago 7,” but I don’t feel strongly about it. Also, Pete reminds Anne of the year that “Brokeback Mount” had swept nearly all of the precursors, snagging more than 26 Best Picture trophies during that derby season, but it nonetheless lost the top Oscar to “Crash.”

Let’s never forget that Oscar is in the entertainment biz, an industry that thrives on cliffhangers, plot twists and surprising resolutions.

Check out all of our Experts’ predictions here. Use the drop-down menu to view other categories. Here are the racetrack odds generated per category after you combine all rankings.

Disagree with our picks? Make your predictions here and see if you can prove that you are the smartest prognosticator in Hollywood.

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