Steven Price Q&A: (‘Gravity’ composer)

As the opening titles of "Gravity" unfurl, we are reminded that in space, nobody can hear you scream, quite literally. There is no oxygen and no sound; life in space is impossible. "Gravity" steers clear of the sound effects normally heard in space operas and sci-fi action extravaganzas.

For Steven Price, the film's composer, the challenge was to provide much of the film's soundscape. As he explained in the video chat below, "The lack of sound gave the music this responsibility to not only do its normal job of underscoring all the emotions and the story but also making inherent some of the things that sound would ordinarily do; the explosions in the film, rather than being sound effects, they’re musical and became part of the composition and influenced it all."

He worked on "Gravity" for almost a year and says: "a lot of my job on the film is taking you up there and making it an immersive experience." To that end, "You’ve got the 3D depth of the screen, but the screen is still in front of you. What we wanted to do was make it feel like you were there."

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