Suzy Mazzarese-Allison Interview: ‘Dickinson’ hairstylist

“Time is everything,” reveals hairstylist Suzy Mazzarese-Allison about her work on the AppleTV+ gothic dramedy “Dickinson,” which explores the early life of famous poet Emily Dickinson. “It takes time on a period show!” Watch our exclusive video interview with Mazzarese-Allison above.

“Dickinson” stars multi-hyphenate Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld as the literary icon in the coming-of-age comedy set in the 1850s with a contemporary edge. The series has many of the hallmarks of a lavish period piece – the intricate hair, the detailed costumes, the ornate sets – but it is told in a more modernized way, with modern music and sensibilities that speaks to a younger, more hip audience.

“I love doing period hair,” Mazzarese-Allison admits. “But this is a little different. We do a lot of period work but we also evolve it to make it more contemporary to make the younger kids look a little more hip,” she explains. “So we mix it up a little.”

“For the main characters we kept it in the period with buns and middle parts, but we softened it up a bit to make it a little more contemporary. But for the background [actors] we kept them completely period.”

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