T.R. Knight interview: ‘The Flight Attendant’

“My deal was only for the first season, so I don’t know,” explains T.R. Knight about reprising his role in the ordered second season of “The Flight Attendant” on HBO Max. The actor, who goes by Theo, plays Davey Bowden, older brother to Kaley Cuoco‘s eponymous character Cassie. He continues in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “I don’t know if Davey will maybe pop briefly back in to visit, but Kaley is remarkable. I love working with her and so any chance I can in the future in whatever endeavor, I will obviously jump at the chance.”

Knight is best known for his performance on “Grey’s Anatomy,” for which he earned a Best Drama Supporting Actor Emmy nomination and is in contention for a Best Drama Guest Actor nomination for his one-off return to the show this season. For the first season of “The Flight Attendant,” Knight shared in a Best Comedy Ensemble nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year. He remarks about his part as Davey, “It’s nice to be playing a gay role in a seemingly good marriage with kids. That’s something that I was starved of growing up.” He smiles, “It’s really cool — more of that, please.”

If nominated for Best Comedy Supporting Actor, Knight intends to submit the episode titled “Conspiracy Theories” for consideration because it contains an emotional confrontation between Cassie and Davey; this was the audition scene for the character. “It was one of those scenes that has a lot of buildup because it’s the one you auditioned with, so it’s in your mind a lot, but I was acting with two people who weren’t Kaley before,” explains Knight. He adds about the actual shoot, “We shot it so many different ways and so many different levels of how much he could let the lid off the pot and that was exciting because you got to play with that.”

He says about the characters’ relationship, “I was fascinated by someone who is so broken […] watching someone who is so broken and yet trying to not only control him, but try to in some way control her too and it’s a recipe for disaster because it’s impossible.” Knight explains about playing the part, “There are so many ways to go when you have someone who has that much trauma, that much pain, that much rage in them.” He articulates about the physicality of his portrayal, “It’s like if he could suck everything in tighter, then somehow everything is going to be okay.” Knight concludes about how their traumatic upbringing has manifested differently for Cassie and Davey, “His way of dealing with the mess is not drinking; his way is trying to bend that mess or force it and control it, which is impossible to do, but he tries and he tries valiantly and that’s the focus that I was fascinated by.”

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