Takeshi Furukawa Interview: ‘Mythic Quest’ composer

“The hardest thing was trying to keep a straight face while scoring the show,” confesses “Mythic Quest” composer Takeshi Furukawa. “Sometimes as composers we are asked to fix a scene. There is none of that on this show,” he adds in our full exclusive video interview above.

“Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” is an Apple TV+ comedy series about the team behind a best-selling multiplayer video game. Furukawa says, “Musically we are not playing to comedy; the difference we have is trying to keep it straight faced. The subject matter takes place in a fictional video game studio. The music is as if it is in that video game. We score it straight like a video game. The comedy comes from the ridiculous juxtaposition of the serious orchestral music against this light-hearted comedy.”

One of the composers favorite moments was “in episode 8 when Ian (Rob McElhenney) has that showdown. It was a 10-minute-long epic battle scene. That was a prime example of watching a scene that’s ridiculous but trying to churn out this very serious epic battle music. The disparity of what’s going in my mind and what’s happening on screen was so hilarious.”

Furukawa has recently been working in the video gaming industry, with award recognized work for “The Last Guardian” (2016). He explains, “I think it’s one of the reasons I was brought on this gig. With my experience and knowing how music should sound in games I was able to bring the authenticity knowing that world. It heavily informed my writing. And the show is a very genuine look into the video game industry. It’s examining the world on the video game development industry very sincerely and very well.”

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