Tatiana Maslany Q&A: ‘Orphan Black’

"It was total disbelief because it’s a nomination from your peers, no not my peers, people I look up to," Tatiana Maslany exclaims when asked her about SAG Award nomination for her starring role in the BBC America hit drama "Orphan Black." "It’s just a totally different thing."

In our exclusive webcam chat, this two-time Critics' Choice champ talks candidly about being pitted against Claire Danes ("Homeland"), Viola Davis ("How to Get Away with Murder"), Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"), Maggie Smith ("Downton Abbey"), and Robin Wright ("House of Cards") for Best TV Drama Actress at Sunday's ceremony.

On the sophomore season of this sc-fi series, she plays a number of cloned women, all born in 1984. The main focus is on Sarah Manning, a low-level con artist with her own biological daughter. Other clones have included Beth (police detective), Alison (soccer mom), Cosima (graduate student), Helena (assassin), Rachel (executive), and Tony (criminal).

Season three of the hit show is set to premiere on April 18 and will introduce male clones. Maslany assures us the audience is in for "more mystery and intrigue into the whole 'Orphan Black' conspiracy and what is it, why does it exist.' She also spills that there’s a personal perk to the male clone storyline for her: "It also gives me a chance to have some days off."

One bad perk of the job happens to be production scheduling, which means shs will no longer be headed off-Broadway. She was planning to star with Thomas Sadoski ("The Newsroom") in the new Neil LaBute play "The Way We Get By" later this year but has had to cancel. She has finished shooting a new film called "The Woman in Gold" with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

Our lengthy conversation also includes her thoughts on last year's shocking snub at the Emmys and what current show she most wants to guest star.

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