Tatiana Maslany Q&A: ‘Orphan Black’

“I think it’s limiting to say it’s a sci-fi,” declares “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany during our recent webcam chat. “I think the conceit is it is a sci-fi, the setup is a sci-fi, but what it allows us to do is then explore characters in a really kind of rounded way." She insists, “I just don’t think it can be labeled. I think sci-fi has become a weird derogatory term even though it’s not but I don’t think it’s just that.”

That sci-fi tag could be what has kept Maslany from reaping an Emmy bid despite winning Best Drama Actress twice at the Critics Choice TV Awards (2013, 2014) and Best Drama Performer at the 2014 Televisions Critics Assn. kudos as well as reaping bids at last year's Golden Globes and this year's SAG Awards.

The actress has one of the toughest gigs on TV, playing eight different characters. However, she says the toughest scenes are not when the clones are all together — which can sometimes mean 17-hour shooting days — but ones where one clone must imitate another: “It messes with my head to do those clone on top of clone disguised things … but I love those scenes because they’re so much fun for me too, as much as they’re difficult and complicated. They’re juicy stuff to play.”

As for the hardest scene this season? “The twerking,” she jokes. “No, in that episode there was the Sarah and Beth scene. I hadn’t really played Beth before. We didn’t really know who she was yet and there were ideas of who she could be but she was kind of a mystery to all of us. It was one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding things we’ve been able to shoot.”

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