Tatiana Maslany Q&A: ‘Orphan Black’

“I didn’t expect it at all to the point where I only woke up because there was an alarm going off in my building,” admitted “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany as we chat via webcam (watch above) about how she learned of her first Emmy nomination last year. “It was so awesome, so exciting. Ridiculous to be there in a category with people who I admire so much. Just a very surreal experience for me.”

After winning the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Drama Actress for both the first and second season of the BBC America hit series, third time proved the charm at the Emmys. With one of the toughest gigs on TV, Maslany juggles 10 different characters, all of which are clones.

“I think my body understand the shorthands of the characters a bit better than previous seasons,” she says, “but at the same time they’re growing and changing. It’s not like it’s a default way of being. I kind of like to make sure they’re moving forward and shifting.” She readily admits that while it is tougher to create characters for new clones, she loves “to come up with the vocal patterns, the thickness of the accents, the tics of where they’re coming from and how they relate to each other.”

If she is nominated again, she has her Emmy submission set: “I really loved episode 7 (“The Antisocialism of Sex”) because it’s just so much about the characters. That was one that I was pretty excited about.” But she also has affection for episode 8, “The Redesign of Natural Objects,” which included a musical number she told us about last year. “I think it’s because we talked about it on.”

To find out more about her transition from clone to clone, how she felt about the emotional spats between Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Sarah, and what musical she’d have each clone star in watch our exclusive interview above.

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