‘Ted Lasso’ sound editors interview

“It’s one of the most collaborative work environments that that I’ve been in,” states Brent Findley about working on “Ted Lasso.” For our recent webchat he continues, “That comes top down from Jason Sudeikis’ approach, which is a good idea can come from anywhere. Everybody’s voice is on the table as far as ideas on how to approach things or how to better augment a scene. Having that spirit of collaboration just opens the door for so many possibilities and so many solutions.” Watch the exclusive video interview above.

In its second season, “Ted Lasso” tells the story of the optimistic Ted (Sudeikis) continuing to coach soccer team AFC Richmond in the United Kingdom. Findley is the supervising sound editor on the series alongside Bernard Weiser and Sanaa Kelley. Last year “Ted Lasso” won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, and the sound editing team received a nomination.

Weiser is responsible for the dialogue editing. He recalls, “There’s a church scene and it’s at a funeral. All the women in ‘Ted Lasso’ are getting together. They’re all getting excited and their voices are going all over the place. Yet, you’re supposed to concentrate on the story that’s going through the middle of all this. This is typical. Not wanting to lose any of the quality of what’s going on, that we hear all the characters, but our focus is still on the through story of it all. That’s the challenge. Keep that quality there, keep the excitement there, but understanding the story.”

The ‘Beard After Dark’ episode gave the team a chance to explore different sounds as Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) goes on an eclectic adventure in London. Kelley records the sounds for the show as a foley artist and reveals the attention to detail that the sound department applied. “Beard was walking with Red and she invited him to her place. That was a really cool moment. Matt, my foley partner, was doing the woman’s heels. And I was doing Beard’s footsteps. Usually people say ‘why don’t you do the woman?’ I just sound bigger than him for some odd reason. We have to put that confusion of, ‘am I going to go to her place?’ in the footsteps. There was a lot of acting with our feet in that episode.”

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