Theo Rossi Q&A: ‘Sons of Anarchy’

"'Sons of Anarchy' is one of those things that's gonna be hard to duplicate ever again, because it's like appointment television. There's not a lot of that anymore," recalls Theo Rossi during our recent video chat about saying goodbye to the show and his fan-favorite character Juice. "There's a lot of parts that are missed."

Regarding his fish-out-of-water character, Rossi adds, "I've always said that Juice should have never been a biker at all. And forget even being a biker, he should have never been in a club or an organization like the Sons of Anarchy. He just wasn't built for it. And I believe that that's what made the character so popular with people, because he seemed very relatable."

As for letting go of Juice, Rossi tells us, "I will never, ever play a character like Juice again. He felt every single emotion in a very short amount of time. Like, literally played every emotion. And, as an actor, it's like a dream job to be put in those situations. Juice was one that literally sat with me. It pushed your mind to a place where you don't necessarily want to go, to make it believable."

"Sons of Anarchy" was a mega-hit with the fans and with TV critics, but it never really caught on with the Emmy Awards — just two nominations over the years. Creator Kurt Sutter has been open about the show's snubs, but what does Rossi make of the Emmy controversy?

"I gotta tell you, I'm not saying this because I'm a huge fan of 'Sons,' because I am a huge fan of the show and I was able to kind of step back from the fact that I was one of the people on it. The acting is phenomenal. The story is incredibly gripping … But, why [the snubs]? I don't know. I mean, what's the rhyme or reason? I can't answer that."

Also in our chat, Rossi takes us behind the scenes of that emotional jailhouse scene with Charlie Hunnam, he talks about his final days shooting "Sons of Anarchy" and he fills us in on his next project.

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