Thomas Middleditch Q&A: ‘Silicon Valley’

“To the common man I must appear like a very chill individual,” Thomas Middleditch says as he describes the aspects of playing Richard Hendricks on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” that are the easiest for him to portray (watch the exclusive video above). “But there’s probably a gerbil of anxiety that’s running in this little mouse wheel.” The main difference between him and his character is that it’s just more apparent in Richard. “I think he’s more tightly wound but we share a quiet fury inside.”

The HBO laffer is in the midst of its fourth season and finds Middleditch’s main character at a bit of a crossroads. After three seasons of trying to launch a company that was built around a revolutionary compression algorithm that he developed, Richard finds himself turning his back on his company to pursue a completely re-imagined version of the internet. “He’s abandoned his company to go off on his own and his back is totally up against the wall in a way it’s never been before,” Middleditch reveals. But this has given him a fun area to explore with Richard as was demonstrated in this past Sunday’s episode, “Intellectual Property,” which saw Richard becoming more erratic and getting involved in several over-the-top situations.

Middleditch earned a surprise Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Actor last year for his performance. He lost to Jeffrey Tambor for “Transparent.” He’s the first and, so far, only cast member from the show to have scored an Emmy nomination. We discussed his trip to the Emmys as a nominee last year and how it was awkward that he knew he would lose but having a cameraman in your face the whole time the experience is happening. We also took some time to chat about how his eighth grade drama teacher deciding to put him in a play (and discovering an “outlet for my weirdness”) started him down the path of becoming an actor.

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