Thomas Middleditch Q&A: ‘Silicon Valley’

“I had to do a lot of research and acting workshops to just try and even fathom what those dweebazoids in Silicon Valley were up to,” jokes Thomas Middleditch star of HBO’s hit comedy series “Silicon Valley,” during our recent webcam chat. The two-time Critics’ Choice nominee makes merry with just how hard it is getting into character: “It was tough because you know I’m such a cool guy and I do cool things like play in ‘Halo’ tournaments.”

Middleditch plays Pied Piper’s quiet mastermind Richard Hendricks, a role written for him: “I was working on an animated show ("Beavis and Butt-Head") with John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky who also co-created the show and at one point they said to me, ‘Hey we’re working on this show for HBO and we think you’d be great for the lead so we’re going to write it with you in mind.’” The actor admits he still had to prove his worth: “I still had to audition and prove to HBO that I could do it. And the character’s name was even Thomas for a while which was cool.”

“Silicon Valley” just won Best Comedy Series at the Critics' Choice TV Awards. The actor readily admits that the building buzz for the show add to his pressures but “I kind of like clutch situations. I like it when it’s like you’ve set a bar and now you have to maintain it. So to me yeah sure there’s a little bit of pressure but I welcome it.”

He was recently awarded a very large trophy on the "Conan" show as 'Greatest Halo Player of All Time.' Would he give that up for TV's top honor? “The Emmy’s pretty short I think, right? This is massive. I guess if they were planning on giving me 30 Emmys I’d probably do a trade but just one-to-one I won’t.”

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