Tim Ives interview: ‘Halston’ cinematographer

For the new Netflix series “Halston,” which tracks the life of the famed fashion designer of the title (played by Ewan McGregor in the show), cinematographer Tim Ives was faced with not just the daunting challenge of recreating 1970s New York landmarks like Studio 54, but doing it during a global pandemic.

“That was super tricky,” he says during the Gold Derby Meet the Experts: Cinematographers panel. “We filmed the whole thing during COVID. So one of the prerequisites that we were not allowed to use smoke. Because at the time nobody knew what the atmosphere was possibly going to make the situation worse or better — now we know a little bit more about it. I had to go into shooting that without atmosphere. Which you can imagine, Studio 54 with nobody smoking in it is insane.”

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To overcome the limitations, Ives relied on Sigma Prime lenses and Sigma Standard lenses, the latter of which flared in a very specific fashion that helped create the illusion of a smoke-filled dance floor.

“You’d swear you were in Studio 54 except for the fact it felt like maybe on a Tuesday night because it was COVID and we only had 75 extras,” Ives jokes.

Watch the exclusive video interview with Ives above.

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