Tim Ives Q&A: ‘Stranger Things’ cinematographer

“The success of the show has been overwhelming to all of us,” exclaims “Stranger Things” cinematographer Tim Ives during our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above). “We felt like it was something very, very special, but you can never predict the sort of success we’ve had on this show.” Created by Matt and Ross Duffer (credited as the Duffer Brothers), this Netflix original series centers on a group of children in a small Indiana town in the 1980s investigating the mysterious disappearance of their friend. The sci-fi/horror show won the PGA award for Best Drama Series and the SAG Ensemble prize for its large cast, which includes Winona RyderDavid HarbourMatthew Modine, and Millie Bobby Brown.

“Stranger Things” is unique in that it takes a modern approach to nostalgic material. To get into the ’80s mindset of the show, Ives re-watched such classics as Steven Spielberg‘s “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial” (1982) and Rob Reiner‘s “Stand By Me” (1986). “It was clear to me that this was something we could capture and shoot in a way that stylistically,” would make it look like it was, “shot back in the ’80s.” Most importantly, he felt his work, “would resonate with certain audience.”

Ives has leant his photographic eye to such shows as “House of Cards,” “Mr. Robot,” “Girls,” and “Power.” Given the the show’s popularity, could “Stranger Things” land him in the Emmy race for the first time? Check out our full interview above for more on his work.

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