Titus Welliver Q&A: ‘Bosch’

“I feel like I’ve been working and progressing towards a character who has this many levels,” admits Titus Welliver during our recent webcam chat about his new drama “Bosch,” in which he plays Det. Harry Bosch. The veteran actor, best-known for recurring on “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Good Wife” and supporting turns on “Brooklyn South” and “Deadwood,” has his first leading role in this Amazon series. “I think that Harry’s a deeply rich and nuanced character. As an actor, it has challenged me and given me an opportunity to use multiple muscles simultaneously.”

Based on the ongoing book series by Michael Connelly, “Bosch” was adapted for television by Eric Overmyer, who previously co-created “Treme”. Unlike a standard police procedural, Welliver likens a season of “Bosch” episodes to a novel. “Each episode is really more like a chapter,” he explains before elaborating, “Rather than one case per episode, it’s an entire season for a case.”

Welliver is often recognized for his work on “Lost”, having played a pivotal character whose storyline spanned the pilot to the series finale. Yet Welliver only appeared in three episodes, given the nature of the mysterious character. “I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and I’m always touched when people approach me and talk about it,” he says and adds, “He was a character close to my heart, as short-lived as it was technically.”

After 25 years of making a handful of film and television appearances every year, the actor has nothing scheduled for 2015 other than the first season of “Bosch”, which was released in February. Although “rewarding”, he admits, “this is by far the most challenging character that I’ve ever played,” so he is taking a break to spend time with his family. The second season of “Bosch” begins production in August and Welliver teases that viewers should “get ready because it’s going to be a hell of a ride.”

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