Toheeb Jimoh interview: ‘Ted Lasso’

“We’re like a gang of brothers, it’s really cool, we’re always laughing,” states Toheeb Jimoh about portraying one of the soccer player on “Ted Lasso.” For our recent webchat, he was joined by co-stars Kola Bokinni and Cristo Fernández. Bokinni adds, “We help each other, it’s not a competition.” And Fernández says, “It’s just part of that teamwork.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

Having streamed its second season a few months ago on Apple TV+, the show tells the story of the optimistic Ted (Jason Sudeikis) coaching soccer team AFC Richmond in the UK. At the 2021 ceremony, “Ted Lasso” won seven Emmys including Best Comedy Series. Jimoh, Bokinni and Fernández play Sam, Isaac and Dani respectively, all members of the Richmond team.

For those most recent episodes, the team has to attend a funeral and Dani struggled foregoing sneakers. Fernández reveals, “I specifically asked to have very uncomfortable shoes. It was very funny that so many people, especially women, related to that. To that pain of having to wear fancy shoes in certain places and pretending to be cool, when it’s not cool.”

In the second season Sam started a relationship with Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) who owns the club. Jimoh admits, “When you start the first season, Sam’s this little kid who’s come from Nigeria. In season two, he’s established himself. He’s confident enough to say no to all of this money. He’s confident enough to date this older woman who is his boss. Even though it was one year different he feels like a different person. For me, that’s a Ted Lasso case study. Ted comes in, not to win the Premier League, but to turn Sam from that 20-year-old kid who hasn’t found himself to the 21-year-old kid who can do all of these things.”

Isaac gives Sam a haircut before his first date with Rebecca. Bokinnni explains, “It is building blocks like Lego, everyone helping each other. In the hair cut scene 90% of that was improv. Everyone’s just helping each other. There was just a vibe in the room. There’s a certain time in your life when you can just be yourself and express yourself. Now I look back and go, ‘what the hell was I doing with that twirl?’ Everyone just amped you up. I really appreciated that because I had a lot of actions in that scene, I didn’t have many words.”

Jimoh adds, “All that being said, these two are being nice now, but at work they bicker like kids.” Bokinnni interrupts, “Me and Cristo have been having this battle for three years now, and it hasn’t gotten old yet.” Fernandez jokes, “Three long years! We are a sports team, but also cast members and friends. That allows us to joke around so much.”

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