Tommy Lee Jones Q&A: ‘The Homesman’

How important is an Oscar now when when filmmakers like Tommy Lee Jones set out to make smaller independent movies like "The Homesman"? "Well, it's always important," Jones told Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil. "You feel pretty good when you're nominated or when you win any of these awards. You feel approved of somehow, for however briefly you feel that. But it's very rewarding and almost indescribable."

Jones won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for "The Fugitive" (1993), and he could win a triple crown this year for starring in, writing and directing "The Homesman." Hilary Swank could also snag her third Best Actress trophy for her performance in the film.

Jones revealed how he nabbed the movie rights to "The Homesman" after reading the book and that they had to work about four or five times as fast to film it because they wanted to shoot in the spring and "fall was coming."

"The first movie I directed was called 'The Good Old Boys,' but it also had horses and big hats and could easily be called a western even though it took place in 1903," Jones added in the video chat below. So what is it about the western genre that keeps him coming back? "I'm interested in making movies about the history of my country, which doesn't go back very far."

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