Tony Hale Q&A: ‘Veep’

Even though “Veep” funny man Tony Hale won his first Emmy Comedy Supporting Actor race in 2012 and was nominated again last year, he readily admits during our recent webcam chat to being  surprised by this year's bid. "If anybody ever gets used to it they just need to be popped upside the head, it’s not anything you should ever get used to.” Indeed, as he recalls, “my wife and I, we were just so excited when we got it. We were in the kitchen jumping up and down and then my daughter walked in and said ‘Daddy I need you to take me to camp.' I had totally forgot to do my father duties.”

Hale reveals he is submitting "East Wing," the second episode of the fourth season, to Emmy voters. As he explains, his character, ever-loyal bag man Gary Walsh, “finally stood up to Selina" to the point of shouting, “I’m fucking everything to you.” He allows, “that was so fun to say, because Gary would never say that to his queen.”

For the actor, this showdown requried a lot of prep, “to find that chemistry, to find what works about the bits and to make it gel, we really had to spend a lot of time just in rehearsals and figuring out where it builds. I do remember us really having to look at the thing and go ‘that’s a little too strong in the beginning; we need to build up to that’ and then trying to find those places.”

While he embraces the camaraderie inspired by star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, his thoughts on her character couldn’t be more different. "Selina Meyer should never be in politics. That is a toxic, toxic situation. Granted Gary would follow her anywhere; I mean if she works in Target after this, I’m going to be carrying her purse but that person should never step a foot near the White House.”

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