Tracey Levy, Angela Levin, Molly R. Stern Interview: ‘The Morning Show’ makeup

“I think the job of a makeup artist … is walking the fine line between reality but also still giving people what they want out of their television show,” says “The Morning Show” makeup artist Molly R. Stern about her work on the Apple TV+ series, which is itself about the making of a TV show. Watch our exclusive video interview with Stern, Tracey Levy and Angela Levin above.

The series explores the power struggles behind the scenes of a morning news program anchored by Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and up-and-coming reporter Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). The “biggest challenge” for Levin was to show the necessary variety in the main characters’ looks, from their on-camera appearances to formal events to their most intimate personal moments. Levin has worked with Aniston for years, and “I told her, it’s never a problem to make you look glamorous — we’ve done it a million times. Or to make you look pretty — we’ve done that a million times too. I said, I think we need to really emphasize creating a range.”

Stern’s work with Witherspoon emphasized Bradley’s unique character arc. “We looked at a lot of more modern newscasters or online personalities,” she explains. “One of the things we went through with Reese’s character was transitioning her from being a small-time journalist to someone who was being re-done for their on-camera debut … We wanted to find those nuanced differences between this small-town woman versus when she comes to the big city.”

Levy also points to another challenge that one might not immediately consider: making up characters like themselves. “It was a huge undertaking to think about just doing people like us, and then creating the on-camera looks were almost a given. It’s creating people looking like regular people behind the scenes, which is something that you don’t really think about when you’re doing TV shows a lot of the time.”

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