Trevor Gureckis interview: ‘Servant’ composer

“When it gets crazy, it gets crazy in a way that we never hear in season one,” says composer Trevor Gureckis about the musical score of the second season of “Servant” on Apple TV+. He continues in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “We wanted to see what could we get out of a new season and not sound like we were repeating or temp-scoring.”

Gureckis “introduced vocals” to characterize scenes with the titular servant Leanne Grayson played by actress Nell Tiger Free and “the electronics really went up” to achieve “a more muscular score.” The musician explains, “The electronics have really heavy hits and really low and huge rising chords and swells and things that you would never put in season one.” Gureckis adds, “In this season, it’s really aggressive and lots of scratchiness because things get crazy.”

The Emmy Awards ballot will list the “2:00” episode from the psychological thriller for consideration on behalf of Gureckis. This fourth of the second season’s 10 episodes “encapsulates a lot of the show musically” in that Gureckis was able “bring back some elements from season one” and also because its plot represents a turning point for the season. He explains, “In terms of the narrative, 204 really captures what the show is about.” Gureckis highlights the piece titled “2 AM” from the season’s official soundtrack as its standout.

M. Night Shyamalan directed that installment of “Servant” and more recently directed the film “Old,” which Gureckis is currently scoring ahead of its July release. Gureckis teases that the film is unlike any from the director to date.

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