Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Q&A: ‘Triumph’s Election Special 2016’

To help break down the Emmy races this year Gold Derby was joined by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (watch above) from “Triumph’s Election Special 2016,” which is competing for Best Variety Special at the Emmys this year.

Looking at the race for Best Drama Series, Triumph thinks that last year’s winner has a good shot. As he proclaims, “‘Game of Thrones’ was my favorite show this year starring a dragon, a troll, a midget and a lumbering idiot — other than the first few Republican debates.” However, he thinks it could be threatened by a newcomer: “‘Mr. Robot’ is my favorite show to lie about watching. It’s the best show on the USA Network, which is like saying Khloe is the least repelling Kardashian.”

He is less confident about the chances for perennial nominee “Downton Abbey.” He explains, “It has so many plots it gives me whiplash. But mostly because it makes me drive my car into a cement wall.”

In the Best Comedy Series contest he’s a bit worried that “’Veep” and the actual presidential election may cancel each other out.” A show that could take advantage of that is “Transparent.” Declares Triumph, “It’s a very important show. It actually helped me transition — from someone with Amazon Prime to someone with an extra hundred bucks in his pocket.”

But Triumph thinks it will be tough to beat “Transparent” star Jeffrey Tambor in the Best Comedy Actor race. “Will Forte is in ‘The Last Man on Earth,’” he says, “which is a show about the only way he’ll win an Emmy.”

Then there is Netflix’s new entrant “Master of None.” Triumph feels it “tackled a lot of big questions, like ‘When did Louis C.K. become a short Indian guy?’”

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