Ty Burrell: His ‘excitometer’ went in the red with Emmy win

Ty Burrell was faced with a challenge at last year's Emmys when competing against three of his "Modern Family" co-stars. He ultimately triumphed as Best Comedy Supporting Actor by defeating Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill, and Eric Stonestreet as well as Chris Colfer ("Glee") and Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men").

In a video interview with Gold Derby, he spoke fondly of his acceptance speech in which he thanked his father, who never got to see him become an actor. As he recalls, "It was just sort of like a blur I suppose, maybe from adrenaline. I would love to think I was cooler than that, but somehow it was just a very mellow, easygoing, in-control situation, but it kind of like took my excitometer into the red and then broke it completely."

Last year, Gold Derby guided him with his episode submission ("Good Cop, Bad Dog") for the Emmy judges. This year he is considering episodes opposite guest stars Ellen Barkin, Josh Gad, Greg Kinnear, and Philip Baker-Hall. Among these — "Egg Drop" (Phil teaches a real estate seminar), "Lifetime Supply" (he awaits news from the doctor), and "Express Christmas" (he is stunned by a taser). Of "Egg Drop," he said, "It felt very much like a Keystone Cops sort of thing where I really got to feel like an old-timey comedian… all the spinning plates and trying to get everything going."

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Regarding this third season of the Emmy champ, he admitted, "I really like all the physical stuff personally. I'm getting these weird, crazy life experiences from being on the show trapezing and tight rope walking and riding all the roller coasters at Disneyland. It's always surrounded by great writing, so I get to go have these little boy daydreaming experiences and get paid for it."

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