Ty Burrell Q&A: ‘Modern Family’

"We were pretty convinced that the wave had crested for the show and consequently for us. It was a great surprise," admits Ty Burrell about his second Emmy win for "Modern Family" last year. In our recent webchat, he discusses the "ebb and flow" of any long-running series, especially at awards shows: "We go into these grateful to be in the conversation and grateful that people still feel like we belong there. My wife and I are going to this Emmys to try and soak it up and enjoy it."

Burrell also won Best Comedy Supporting Actor in 2011 for playing eager-to-please dad Phil Dunphy on the ABC comedy. This year marks his sixth consecutive nomination and he has submitted the episode "Crying Out Loud" to Emmy voters. Phil is more excited about senior ditch day than his daughter Alex (Ariel Winter) and plans a fun time with his three children. It features an entire section of slapstick inspired by comics of the silent movie era.

The actor readily admits, "I genuinely love physical comedy. Like anything else, it can be cheesy and the cheapest form of comedy, but it can also be the best. When it's good, it's really pure and cool. I love all of those old films and am a big Buster Keaton fan and Laurel and Hardy fan and Chaplin fan. That show was an homage to those folks."

This five-time Best Comedy Series champ is already back in production for its seventh season. Burrell teases what happens in the opening episode by revealing that it picks up right where the spring finale ended. He also adds, "There's a storyline happening where Phil comes across some duck eggs. Essentially because the kids are starting to move out of the house, he becomes a little obsesive about these duck eggs, wanting to nurture them and take care of them."

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