Victoria Thomas Interview: ‘The Morning Show’ casting director

When finding actors for a show that’s equal parts comedy and drama, “you have to cast people who have a facility for both,” reveals Victoria Thomas. That was certainly the case with “The Morning Show,” which toes the line between laughs and pathos. The veteran casting director explained how she found the right performers to pull this off while appearing at Gold Derby’s Meet the BTL Experts panel, moderated virtually by managing editor Chris Beachum. Watch our exclusive video interview with Thomas above.

The Apple TV+ flagship series centers on a daytime TV anchor (Jennifer Aniston) whose life is thrown into chaos when her longtime cohost (Steve Carell) is ousted for sexual misconduct accusations and a new field reporter (Reese Witherspoon) joins the team. Both Aniston and Witherspoon serves as executive producers on the series, which added a unique dynamic to Thomas’ work. “They have definite opinions,” she divulges. “It’s good to work with people who know talent, who have high standards.”

As the same time, their years of experience and star power is “one of the more difficult things about casting opposite them,” Thomas adds. It’s a challenge “finding actors who can be on the same level as them, and I’m not talking about our major supporting actors.” Even when it comes to day players, “it’s gotta be somebody who can hold their own opposite those two very forceful women.”

Thomas received an Emmy nomination for “Roots.” She won with the Casting Society of America for “Hidden Figures” and “Straight Outta Compton” along with noms for “Detroit,” “Roots,” “Instant Mom” and “Top Five.”

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