Viggo Mortensen Q&A: ‘Captain Fantastic’

“Every time my name appears with ‘Captain Fantastic’ and there’s an image of me as that character or a clip is played… that’s a few more people that will watch the movie that haven’t yet,” admits Viggo Mortensen in our recent interview about all of the nominations he has been receiving during this awards season. He has picked up Best Actor bids at the Oscars, SAG, BAFTA, and Golden Globes for his role as Ben Cash.

Written and directed by Matt Ross, the film is about a family that has been living off the grid for many years. They are in the Washington wilderness learning survival skills, coexisting with nature, and spouting their left wing philosophies. Early in the movie, Ben must inform his six children that their mother has killed herself in the hospital after a long illness. Her father (Frank Langella) doesn’t want Ben to even attend the funeral, but the family packs up in their bus to travel there.

Mortensen and his full ensemble were nominees at the SAG Awards this past weekend. Of the event he laughingly says, “It’s the best experience I’ve had because I was there with all those kids from ‘Captain Fantastic,’ our whole extended family. And Matt Ross was there and his wife was there. We just had fun and made so much noise that it seemed to a lot of people in the room that we had won something.”

Mortensen won a SAG Award as part of the ensemble for “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003). He was also an Oscar nominee as Best Actor for “Eastern Promises” (2007). Although he was invited to join the motion picture academy years before, he reveals that he declined the invitation: “I do have mixed feelings about voting for art… But I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last year or so. If I am invited, I would say yes now.”

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