Viola Davis Q&A: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

During our recent webcam chat, Viola Davis reveals why she wanted to do that now infamous scene in the fourth episode of her hit freshman series "How to Get Away with Murder." "My taking off the wig is a seemingly very simple act, it really is. But not. Because for me, I have seen women on screen for so many years and I don't know who they are … I've never seen the mask come off."

Davis plays lawyer Annalise Keating on the ABC drama, a role with which she feels a special connection. "For me, I just feel like a woman who is my type, being able to take the mask off and being able to be flashy in the courtroom and also have this kind of hot boyfriend, it was a chance for me to introduce something different. And at the end of the day, something very real and honest."

While Davis may be a shoo-in to receive an Emmy nomination this year, she is no stranger to awards. She chats with Daniel Montgomery and me in-depth about her recent SAG victory, saying that it was "very exciting, as you would imagine. Very exciting, exhilarating, surprising that you could be chosen amongst really fabulous women. And then, you know, it's the inevitable feeling afterwards of 'now what'?"

She also recalls her Oscar nominations for "Doubt" and "The Help" and her evolving friendship with Meryl Streep. "It's a relationship between actors. It's a relationship between people who love the work and who are in it for the work and who find the work quite exciting. And, you know, she also has a wicked sense of humor, so that helps. You can have a few laughs and a couple of drinks with her after a hard day."

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