Will Arnett Interview: ‘LEGO Masters,’ ‘Bojack Horseman’

“We’re not looking to see people at their worst, we’re looking to see people at their best,” claims Will Arnett. The comedic actor provides hosting duties for Fox’s reality competition series “LEGO Masters,” for which he also serves as an executive producer. Arnett is using his passion for LEGO to encourage the contestants to create art out of plastic bricks. Watch the exclusive video interview above.

“I could not have anticipated how big a role LEGO would end up playing in my life,” Arnett admits. He provided the gruff voice of Batman in the hit animated film “The LEGO Movie” and its sequel, as well as the spin-off: “The LEGO Batman Movie.” He had never considered dipping his toes into reality television, but when this hosting opportunity was presented to him, Arnett says “it was just a very natural organic fit to me.”

The host notes that he is constantly “in awe” of the master builders competing on the series. “LEGO has this amazing ability to inspire ideas and creativity,” describes Arnett. In one episode contestants may have to build a space scene that must blow up in glorious fashion, while another challenge forces them to take an object that’s been sawed in half and complete it with bricks. The results are often works of art. Arnett lets his inner super-fan out while making the rounds on set. “I end up becoming really more of a cheerleader than anything,” he suggests, “I encourage them to go for it.”

That sense of positivity is important to the actor. He adamantly states that he wouldn’t “be a part of anything inherently negative.” Arnett displays that mantra during Episode 2, “Space Smash,” when contestants Jessica and Sam are having a major argument over how to proceed with their build. The host swoops in to try and offer advice and find a peaceful resolution. “There are some shows that want to highlight the disagreement and perpetuate it,” says Arnett, “I wanted to go in and put that fire out, and remind them of why they’re here.”

In addition to this competition series, Netflix’s animated series “BoJack Horseman” also keeps Arnett busy. He serves as executive producer and provides the voice of the title character (which recently won him an Annie Award). The show garnered acclaim for the recent series finale, and Arnett is proud of the direction of the last season. “There are not perfect endings in life,” he says, noting that ”BoJack” refused to tie up every loose end in a neat bow. “Nobody rides off into the sunset. That’s an idea that was created.”

Arnett has amassed six Emmy nominations in his career, beginning with a Supporting Comedy Actor bid for “Arrested Development” in 2006. He then received four Comedy Guest Actor nominations for “30 Rock.” His most recent nomination is in the Animated Series category for executive producing “BoJack Horseman.”

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