Will Forte Q&A: ‘The Last Man on Earth’

“I am really proud” of Season 2, says creator/star Will Forte about his four-time Emmy-nominated Fox comedy “The Last Man on Earth.” “I felt like we really learned how to tell better stories in the second season … I was thrilled with how the season turned out.” Watch our webchat above.

In particular, Forte notes three stand-out moments from this season: “Silent Night” where the characters said goodbye to Boris Kodjoe‘s Phil, “Pitch Black” that spotlighted guest star Jason Sudeikis, and the final run of episodes where Sudeikis joined the cast. “It was a really special experience getting to work with him again [after ‘Saturday Night Live’] and I thought it was some of our best work yet.”

The “Pitch Black” episode was unique in that no main characters appeared, only guest stars Sudeikis and Mark Boone Junior. How were Forte and the other producers able to convince Fox to let them take such a big risk? “There was a definite struggle,” Forte notes. “It took a lot of stubbornness. And to Fox’s credit, at every juncture when we get stubborn on something they ultimately let us try it out and trust us.”

Forte’s hair, or lack thereof, also becomes a big part of the discussion after his character Phil “Tandy” Miller first went half-bald, then completely bald. “It’s the eyebrows that I was concerned with,” he recalls. “We had so many people — the hair and makeup department — say, ‘Do not do the eyebrows.’ But then I sent a picture to my dad the night before we started and he said, ‘Oh, you’re just gonna keep the eyebrows, huh?’ So I shaved the eyebrows. And they came back so quickly.”

Also in our interview, Forte teases what he can about Season 3 (hint: not very much), praises his cast mates and reminisces about his Emmy Award nominations from last year. “I hope that every person gets nominated [this year], but then again every show feels that way and there are so many awesome people. I just want the world to get nominated for everything!”

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