Yael Grobglas Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’

"I wish I could say that I'm living the wild Hollywood lifestyle, but I'm not. I learned how to crochet!" admits Yael Grobglas, who plays the villainous role of Petra Solano in the CW hit series "Jane the Virgin."

Though her social life may not have changed much, Grobglas tells us personally she's never had to explain to so many strangers that she's actually not as vindictive and, well, horrible as the character she portrays: "I consider myself a nice person, which is a funny thing because I've never before had to explain so much that I'm a nice person to people on the street."

Grobglas is originally from Israel, where she experienced much success in television but ultimately decided that Hollywood was where she wanted to make it. "I think it was kind of always a dream of mine, but I never actually thought that it would happen," she says. "I came out here for the first time about three years ago. I'd heard about this thing called 'pilot season' which I didn't know anything about."

Grobglas was cast in a project that fell through before she ended up landing a guest role on another CW series, "Reign." She would then split her time between Los Angeles, Toronto and Israel until things changed, "and then a year ago I came back to LA and 'Jane the Virgin' happened. The best thing that ever happened."

Now the show and her portrayal of the diabolical Petra have brought her a mound of attention, including Best Comedy Series nominations from the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards – both history-making feats for the CW – with the possibility of Emmys just around the corner: "You have to understand, this is nuts for me on a personal level because I only moved to the States nine months ago. We all knew that we were in love with this project … and when we filmed it we knew we had something really special but there are so many great projects out there that I don't dare to expect anything that crazy to happen."

In our exclusive chat with the "Jane the Virgin" star, she also dishes which episode she'd submit to Emmy voters, what it's like playing an antagonist, how her cast has helped her settle into new surroundings, and her favorite celebrity sighting at the Golden Globes.

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