Yael Stone Q&A: ‘Orange is the New Black’

“I actually auditioned for Nicky, Natasha’s (Lyonne) part, first and that was silly,” reveals Yael Stone during our recent webcam chat about how she ended up on "Orange is the New Black." “They were kind enough to have me back and Lorna, oddly enough, has been a really good fit even though she feels very different to me.”

Stone was an award-winning stage actress in her native Australia and tells us the transition to television was a drastic adjustment. “Completely terrifying. I really felt like I was just bluffing my way through this experience and without that sense of immediate feedback that is really frightening especially with the accent.” She found a kindred spirt in Uzo Aduba: “I was very lucky because I arrived on-set with Uzo and I remember sitting there with her, she and I had done very limited amounts of television, and we were kind of bouncing off each other and sharing that insecurity together.”

Stone was given a major arc in season two of the series that explored much of her character's past: “It was incredibly fun to learn more about her. It was very complex because not only did it have a back story that revealed the past we were also in the present with Lorna breaking out of the prison so we were beyond the prison walls both in the past and in the present which doesn’t often happen in the show. I felt incredibly lucky that that’s the material that I had to work with and I was also really shocked. I didn’t know any of the information that I’d read in that episode.”

The cast won Best Comedy Ensemble at the SAG Awards in January but Stone was away on location. “I was in my underpants on the roof of an apartment building that I was staying in sweeping leaves up and my phone buzzed and I just thought, 'This is wonderfully absurd.’ It did not detract from the real joy that it is to win something as a group. It’s amazing.” She and the rest of the ensemble will contend in the Drama categories at this year's Emmys after the TV academy decided to shift the show from Comedy where it had competed last year.

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