Yorgos Lamprinos interview: ‘The Father’ editor

For “The Father” film editor Yorgos Lamprinos, just reading the script for the drama was so “intense that I had to stop midway and gather myself a little bit before moving on, so I knew that on paper the basis [for the film] was really good because of [writer-director] Florian Zeller‘s work and the adaptation he did with Christopher Hampton.” Lamprinos earned his first Oscar nomination for his work on the film, one of six total bids it received including Best Picture. Watch our exclusive video interview with him above.

The film tells the story of Anthony (Best Actor nominee Anthony Hopkins), who is suffering from dementia, and the editing plays a large part in conveying his disorientation as his perceptions of time, place, and even identity start to deteriorate. “It was an editor’s bliss,” Lamprinos explains. He had “amazing performances to work with,” as well as Oscar-nominated production design that “gives you hints of how to use space.” Those details in the setting were invaluable because “space and time in editing are essential.” But due to the title character’s mental condition, “it’s also a film where time is no time and space is no space, so that was extremely interesting intellectually to me as an editor.”

Lamprinos is also “proud of being part of the film because of the story that it tells, because it’s a story that concerns us all in a way.” The struggles of aging affect everyone in some shape or form, and “The Father” “puts you inside the mind and the situation, and it’s up to you to think and to reflect how it affects your own life without giving you lessons, which I think is a really important part of filmmaking.”

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