Yvette Nicole Brown interview: ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’

After 20 years of working in the industry, Yvette Nicole Brown finally received her first Emmy nomination this year. The former “Community” star was recognized in Best Comedy Guest Actress for her work in “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” where she plays Judge Harper in the show’s famous “Courtroom Kiki” sketches. Brown admittedly never thought she would reach the echelon of being an award-nominated actress, so the nomination came as a surprise to her. “This was an amazing shock,” says Brown in an exclusive new webchat for Gold Derby. “The idea that the first time I get nominated for an Emmy it’s because of a show created by a Black woman for Black women to shine, like, come on. There couldn’t be a better place for me to get my first nomination.” Watch the full interview above.

The “Courtroom Kiki” sketch features the members of a courtroom gradually realizing that they are entirely made up of Black women, resulting in pure joy and celebration. Brown observes that the spirit of this sketch naturally translates to her own experience filming on “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” “That is actually how Black women feel when we find ourselves in a professional setting and we see ourselves reflected back to us,” the actress explains. “It is a moment like, ‘Well, look at us,’ so it was a very real moment.”

As a working actress for decades, Brown has experienced the ups and downs of show business but she believes things are getting better for Black women. “There’s a lot more opportunities for people that look like me,” she notes, not only for Black women in front of the camera but behind the scenes. This extends to “A Black Lady Sketch Show” in particular, which has a writing team of all Black women and people of color comprising the editing team. Adds Brown, “I think that when more of us are in the decision-making space, you will see even more of us directing and producing and writing and I think that’s the thing that’s changing the most now.”

At this stage in her career, Brown is drawn to more hopeful projects, such as the Disney+ show “Big Shot” and the upcoming “Enchanted” sequel, “Disenchanted.” She is happy to see the business and the audience trending more towards showing the good in humanity rather than the darkness. “If I want to see horror, I can look out the window,” she quips. “I want to see something good and life-affirming and I always endeavor to be a part of roles like that in some way.”

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